Pupil Parliament

We are your Pupil Parliament 2019/2020 elected by our peers to serve our community and represent the pupil view!


Current tasks:

  • develop (House Captains) and finalise our Pupil Parliament Constitution (by November 2019) ACTIONED
  • survey the pupils, staff and parents/carers about play time and lunch time (by October Holidays) and compile report
  • introduce the School Improvement Plan to our Houses (on Friday 4th October) ACTIONED
  • lead the school to rename the 4 school houses by Christmas ACTIONED
  • develop a video prospectus for the school website (House/Vice Captain leadership task) by end of session
  • survey the school community about getting a St Andrew’s school tartan tie (by June 2020)
  • lead the work with the all pupils about our new Anti-Bullying Procedures (P6 leadership task) by February 2020 ACTIONED
  • launch Campus Playground Charter (by February Break)

Meeting 1 Minutes: 24/09/2019

  • We, the Pupil Parliament, asked our peers to share their view about going outside at break and lunch even if it is wet and chilly! Across all classes surveyed, the vast majority said they would like to access the outdoors even if the weather is not fine. Some pupils said they didn’t mind either way and a handful said they would prefer to stay indoors.
  • House Captains to request 3 x 30 minutes blocks in class time to research and finalise a draft constitution- this will then be presented to the rest of the parliament and wider school
  • House Captains to prepare 60 seconds speeches for their Houses to present the SIP (on the 4th of October)
  • Parliament to divide into sub groups to research modern day saints (8 to be presented to school for whole school vote)
  • House Captains to work with Vice Captains to create video prospectus after Christmas
  • Survey created by the Pupil Parliament (24.09.19) given to all parents/carers via the school bag
  • PSA team and teacher survey created by the Pupil Parliament (24.09.19) given to all staff

Meeting 2 Minutes: 30/11/2019

  • House Captains were given the target improvement area of their house
  • All agreed that the outdoor breaks were working well
  • each member fed back on their experience of the school development plan so far

Meeting 3 Minutes 27.01.2020

  • RED PRIORITY: many good examples  (including plans on the wall) but WIL not be explored fully in all classes
  • GREEN PRIORITY: outdoor learning update: all members have been learning beyond the classroom but there is not consistent ‘routine and regular’ opportunities across the school
  • BLUE PRIORITY: what makes a good St Andrew’s learner- progressing well
  • YELLOW PRIORITY: Achievement at St Andrew’s Poster given to P3-P7 reps for discussion in class.
  • Sustainability Agents: pilot groups starting February- June. Full launch in August 2020
  • Wet weather break (Matilda P7): REPORT I believe this is both successful and unsuccessful. Some complained that the Hub was over-crowed and some didn’t have the correct clothing. Many people enjoyed it and brought in gear (majority enjoyed). Keep the plan going forward.
  • Gym hall Flooring (Maja): Parliament sent an email to Ms Dixon.
  • Snack tuck shop (Maja P6): to be added to next agenda
  • Playground Charter (Matilda): agreed- vice captains to present to each class
  • PP Constitution: all agreed as below (Matilda proposer, Tara seconder; motion passed)

Meeting 4

  • Primary 7 will e delivering workshops across the school regarding the SDG (Scotdec)
  • The Pupil Parliament will be getting new badges
  • The Pupil Parliament feel we are on track for earning our whole school trip and will explore the option of Blair Drummond Safari Park
  • all classes this week are exploring new ant-bullying materials
  • Parliament agree to close grass area beside the shots from next week to allow grass to regrow
  • building works going well
  • some flexible seating has arrived in P6 and P7
  • Book Week was a huge success
  • P7 Camp was AMAZING!
  • Pupils in all classes are going to see a theatre production
  • Upper school show is going well
  • Discuss tie at next meeting
  • TASK: get the pupils to call their houses by the Saint name not the colour!


We will listen to others’ opinions

We will give every pupil a voice

Information shared and discussed in meetings should be treated carefully and not shared without agreement

We will meet every four weeks

The Chair Person and minute taker can rotated through the House Captain members

We will provide an update on our website an in the newsletter

All Members will seeks the views of/ report accurately to their class groups