Primary 6

Welcome to the Primary 6 class page.

We have been given this brief for the ‘Today’s Scientists, Tomorrow’s Engineers’ Competition.

Today’s Scientists, Tomorrow’s Engineers 2019-2020

Transport is something we all rely on, whether that’s walking, in cars, trains, trams, buses, planes or other modes of transport.  Your challenge is to improve the transport methods that we use by considering one of the following three options:

Option 1- Most modes of transport produce pollution.  Identify one aspect of transport that causes pollution and design improvements to reduce the pollution produced.

Option 2- Transport has been made much safer over the past few decades but too many people continue to be killed or injured in our transport systems.  Design one method of making transport safer.

Option 3- In recent years more people travel bigger distances for leisure or work.  Design improvements to our transport system that allows people or goods to be transported in greater numbers or quicker.

To celebrate Robert Burns we will be learning ‘Address to The Toothache’.

Please learn and practise at least the first two verses.

Address to a toothache

Click on this link to hear Richard Wilson reciting the poem and practise with him!