We are proud of our strong links with our local parishes St John the Baptist and St Kentigern. We attend Mass regularly and Father Jeremy is a weekly visitor to our school. He supports us well in our Spiritual development particularly in the following ways:

  • working alongside classes each week
  • offering pastoral support to staff
  • attending Parent Council Meetings
  • attending school events throughout the year
  • celebrating Masses both within and beyond the school
  • joining classes on Educational Excursions (including visiting camps for the day)
  • celebrating Prayer Services in school
  • offering the Sacrament of Confession to pupils and staff in Lent and Advent
  • sharing our news through the Parish Newsletter
  • answering our questions

Our Parishioners are an amazing bunch! They support us by:

  • praying for us
  • supporting us when we attend Mass in the Parish
  • coming up to school to read to us and see our performances
  • funding aspects of our work through their Parish SSVP Group
  • modelling for us the faith traditions of the Church
  • sharing the cost with us for new Sacred Spaces in our classroom

It is most prominently through our Parish that we are involved in catechesis- the handing-on of the faith within the community of believers. Without this special partnership between parish, home and school our faith development could not flourish.