P7 Home Learning

Each week you can choose to complete Mild, Medium or Hot tasks with your child. This approach offers flexibility to meet the competing demands of family life! We would advise all families to engage in the Mild Tasks as we believe doing so will have a positive and lasting impact upon your child. You can find our Home Learning Policy here.

Week- 16th March- 23rd March 2020


  • Discuss weekly intended learning
  • Reading for enjoyment.
  • Explore the Wednesday Word.
  • Gather evidence for the gift of Fear of the Lord (Pope Francis Faith Award). Checklist sent home.


  • All Mild tasks.
  • Learn and remember spelling words (issued Monday in HW diary)

A group of 10 students are on a field trip when their bus breaks down 40 miles away from the school. A teacher takes 5 of them back to school in her car, travelling at an average speed of 40 miles per hour.

The other 5 students start walking towards school at a steady 4 miles per hour.

The teacher drops the 5 at school, then immediately turns around and comes back for the others, again travelling at a steady speed of 40 miles per hour.

How far have the students walked by the time the car reaches them?

Hot Tasks

  • all Mild Tasks
  • all Medium Tasks
  • HT Challenge: 

    Last week you were learning in class about bullying prevention. Primary 6 have created a wonderful pupil version (coming home via the school bags today!) for you to discuss at home. Why not tweet a picture of you sharing this important learning with your family?