P5 Home Learning

Each week you can choose to complete Mild, Medium or Hot tasks with your child. This approach offers flexibility to meet the competing demands of family life! We would advise all families to engage in the Mild Tasks as we believe doing so will have a positive and lasting impact upon your child. You can find our Home Learning Policy here.

27/01/20 – 03/02/20

Mild Tasks

  • explore the Wednesday Word
  • discuss Weekly Intended Learning 
  • read for enjoyment

Medium Tasks

  • learn and remember spelling words – all groups to practise spelling the days of the week.
  • maths task: Out of the following, which shape has the largest perimeter; a square with side length 16cm, a regular pentagon with side length 13cm or a regular hexagon with side length 12cm?

Hot Tasks


  • all Mild Tasks
  • all Medium Tasks
  • HEAD TEACHER CHALLENGE: Last week we went on a whole school walk to celebrate being the first Council school in Scotland to get a Learning Outside the Classroom Award! TASK: write 1 adjective (describing word)  about our walk beside your name on a wee ticket (scrappy paper fine!) and pop it in Mrs Favier’s hands by Friday for inclusion on our giant display!