Classrooms without Walls

We firmly believe the journey through education for any child at St Andrew’s must include planned, quality Learning Experiences that take place outwith the classroom. We are working to embed ‘Classrooms without Walls’ in our  delivery of the Curriculum progressively and sustainably.

At St Andrew’s our vision for outdoor learning is that:

  • all children participate weekly in outdoor learning experiences which are embedded in our curriculum
  • learning outwith the classroom is seen as a normal part of the St Andrew’s learning and teaching experience
  • learning outwith the classroom connects our staff and pupils with each other, with the natural world, with our built heritage and shared Catholic values

What’s happening?

  • staff have benefited from a programme of professional development to ensure they are confident in delivering curriculum beyond the classroom
  • risk assessments have been updated and revised
  • all pupils are accessing the outdoors on a weekly basis
  • P5, P6 and P7 pupils have the option to attend a residential experience
  • the school has ring fenced money to purchase essential items
  • a parent focus group has been established to work alongside staff and pupils
  • teaching staff have planned a wider variety of educational excursions for session 2019/2020
  • the school has employed a part time outdoor education specialist to support the staff team and work directly with pupils
  • learning beyond the classroom features heavily in the school’s current improvement plan
  • we have applied for Bronze Level of the Learning Outside of the Classroom (LOTC) Recognition

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